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Pet Sitting Services

Looking for a pet sitter?

We, at We Love pets put you in touch with dedicated pet lovers who offer pet sitting services

If you are the owner of a pet and you need to be out of town for a while, then you’ll have probably asked yourself the following:

What do I do with Callie?  Or Dixie?

Whether you own, love and care for a cat, a dog, or any other pet, going away from home for a few days can be tricky. Who is going to care for your pets while you’re away?

If you have friends and or family members whom you can call upon to step in while you’re away, then you’re ok.  But what if you are not?

As pet owners ourselves, we have intimate knowledge of pet sitting and we use the power of the internet to connect pet owners and pet sitters with one another.

Are you a Pet Sitter?

We put you in touch with pet owners who need your services

You love pets. And you like the idea of earning some extra income doing something that you love. We have the solution for you! Offer pet sitting services to our members.

Pet owners everywhere are always looking for reliable people whom they can entrust their pet’s care to.

As a vetted member of our community, you would have the opportunity of being seen by pet owners who need you to look after their pets.

What makes us different from any other type of website is that you would be working entirely independently from us, earning 100 pc of the fees you charge your clients. That’s correct: any pet sitting service you provide is an exclusive, independent transaction between you and the pet owner. You don’t pay us anything from the fees you receive!

Pet Sitting

Pets don’t like to be left alone at home for long periods of time. Most are social animals who prefer the company of their human parents to be happy. If you work long hours, let us stop by to play and feed your dog, cat, puppy and help them be happy during your absence.

Overnight Visits

Pet parents sometimes need to travel, either for a short weekend getaway or a longer out of town stay. These times spent away from home can be stressful for your pets. One of the most effective ways to keep them happier is to keep them at home, in the company of a pet sitter.

Dog Walking

Just like their human counterparts, dogs need a minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise to stay and in good health. Pet parents who work all days often find ot difficult to juggle their busy schedule with the needs of their dog. Let us walk and play with your dog. They’ll love you for it.

Dog Training

Dogs love us unconditionally. They heal us when we need comfort, never hold a grudge and they are always there when we need them. Untrained dogs, however, can be difficult to handle, unruly, disobedient and even challenging. This is why Dog Training is so important. And it’s easier than you think.

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