Why You Should Definitely Use A Local Pet Sitter

I need a pet sitter near me. A lot of people assume that when they are traveling, the best option for their pets is a kennel or cattery.  Many of these people do not even consider the use of a Local Pet Sitter.  There are a number of reasons why you should look at supporting your local Local Pet Sitter company instead of driving your pet, all caged up to a destination he or she is probably going to be uncomfortable in.

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Not Only For Traveling

If you have ever considered using a Local Pet Sitter, it’s likely that it’s because at one point in your life you are going to go on a vacation and will need someone to look after your pet.  When that happens, you will most likely look to find a pet sitter near you.

If you can relate to this, then you’re not the only one. Leaving your home for a business trip of a vacation can be stressful in that arrangements have to be made with regards to who is going to look after your pets. While this is when most people hire a pet sitter, this is not the only time they consider using their services.  You don’t even have to leave town to need a pet sitter.  If you work long hours for example, a pet sitting service might be the only option you have to ensure that your animals are cared for during your absence.  That includes feeding them, giving them water, taking them out for a walk, giving them their medication and any number of pet care services your pets might need. Some people also hire pet sitters when they are ill and need help looking after their pets.

Of course, you will need to see what services your local Local Pet Sitter offer.  Some pet sitters will only offer holiday services while others will offer services for people who work long hours.  It is important that you find a professional sitter to look after your pet.

Less Stress For Your Pet

You might not realize how much stress you place on your pet when you leave them.  This stress is increased if you take them out of their home to a kennel or cattery as they are changing environments.  By hiring a pet sitter, you will be decreasing the amount of stress that your pet has.  They will not change environment because the Local Pet Sitter will look after your pet in your home.

While you cannot remove all the stress from your pet because you are not going to be available, hiring a sitter does help.  The pet sitter you need to hire should be a professional who knows how to handle any pet from a dog to a cat to reptiles.

No Interruption In Their Daily Routine

Any Local Pet Sitter will know that it is important for your pet to have a routine and for this routine to remain uninterrupted.  You may not realize that your pet has a daily routine that could be disrupted.  Simple aspects of your pet’s life from diet to exercise will form the routine that they have.

When you hire a professional local pet sitter, they should ask you about the routine that your pet has.  The pet sitter will continue to provide the diet that your pet is used to and feed him at the same time you’d usually feed him. The amount and time of exercise will also be maintained when you hire a Local Pet Sitter which is something that cannot be assured with kennels and catteries.

Medical Treatment And Emergencies

If your pet has any medical condition and needs the care of a vet on a regular basis, there are some kennels and catteries that will not house them.  This is due to the increased vet costs and insurance that they will need to have in order to cover unforeseen eventualities. This is not the case with a Local Pet Sitter as you can set up appointments with the vet and the sitter will ensure that your pet goes to them.  You will also be able to provide information about the medical condition to the sitter so they are aware of what needs to be done and what the symptoms of any major problems are.

When hiring a pet sitter you also ensure that someone is available if there is an emergency.  The sitter will be able to take your pet to the vet if anything happens.  By keeping your animal at home, instead of an environment housing many other animals, you will also limit the amount of exposure that your pet has to potential illnesses.

Peace Of Mind

The benefits of using local pet sitters do not only relate to your pet.  A pet sitter near me will give you peace of mind as you know your pet is in capable and loving hands.  As you are able to interview the sitter beforehand, you can also ensure that they are capable of handling daily issues such as grooming and feeding.

There is also an amount of trauma that comes with having to leave your pet in a kennel or cattery.  You do not know how they will be treated or what conditions they are going to be kept in.  When you have to leave your pet at home with someone that you are able to interview, you will know where they are and how they are going to be treated.

Keeping Your Home Safe

A benefit that many people do not realize they get with a pet sitter is that their home will be more secure.  Many people hire a pet sitter who also doubles as a house sitter which secures your property as someone will be there at all times.  Hiring a professional and dependable pet sitter, if you are thorough in your interviewing process,  will go a long way in putting your mind at ease knowing that your property is not only safe from potential breakings but will also have someone you can trust who will be looking after your belonging inside the house.

When you hire a professional sitter, you also do not have to worry about imposing on your friends and family.  This is something that many people worry about because they do not want to cause issues with their friends or family.

Choosing The Right Pet Sitter

While there are a number benefits to hiring a local pet sitter, you need to hire the right pet sitter.  Ideally, you should look at one who is a member of the National Association of Local Pet Sitter.  NAPPS members have to take a pledge of professional conduct and they receive access to training and resources which increase their knowledge of animals.  You also need to take the time to interview the sitter before you hire them and see how your pet reacts to them.

If your pet has a bad reaction to the sitter you should consider hiring someone different.  It is important that your pet and the sitter get along well because they are going to be alone for prolonged periods of time.